General Information

Transportation in Beijing


Beijing's May is filled with bright reds and vivid greens everywhere. Normally, the weather is very warm with the temperature remaining 10-25°C (50-77°F). There are usually less windy days and few sandstorms during this month. There might be some drizzle but clear and sunny days are in the majority.


The registration fee does not include insurance for the participants regarding accidents, sickness or loss of personal property. It is advisable to make your own arrangements in respect of health and travel insurance before leaving your countries.

Currency Exchange

In China, only RMB is used. However, exchange centers can be found at airports, banks, most hotels and large shopping centers. The exchange rate is may be different according to the place you choose (e.g. different banks have different rates everyday, and other exchange centers may charge an additional fee). When exchanging money, please keep your receipt by which you can change any remaining RMB back to foreign currency when leaving China. Visa, Master, American Express and JCB are accepted in many shopping malls and hotels.

Important Dates

February 2020

Distribute and post the “Call for symposia”

May-July 2020

ISPC discussion of symposia

July 2020

Early Bird registration opens

August 2020

ISPC Meeting #2

October 2020

Distribute and post the “Call for Abstracts”

October 2020

Distribute and post the “Call for Travel Grant applications

January-March 2021

Travel Grant Evaluation

March 2021

Announcement of Final Program and Travel Award